Our service for courts, notaries, estate trustees


We guarantee: You have no whatsoever kind, cost risk

Through our activities for spying unknown heirs arise neither


  • the estate still

  • a client


Costs of any kind.


Our service is for you as the customer carries no cost risk
The cost of risk research in any event the Bureau of Genealogy. The client is
regularly informed about the progress of our investigation. If the investigation revealed
that there are no heirs, a final report is written, which allows the process to terminate


We and our foreign correspondents working on the basis of pure contingency fee,
which we agree with the amounts investigated persons. The agreed fee includes all necessary


  • Activities and Services


in connection with the acquisition of the estate, as well as the costs and the cost risk of
representation by a duly authorized representative of the state of the professions.


  • efficiency and professionalism