Our service for our customers


We enforce your claims

We help you to maintain your claims – without your risk of financial loss – by


  • Provision of a notary or lawyer at our expense and risk

    • your claims passes through

    • the collection and transfer of your claim operates and

    • all tax problems controls

  • Ready for all the evidence in the required form, including their

    • translation and

    • authentication

  • acquisition cost risk for proceedings to enforce your claims, without that you would have to make advance payments of any kind.

  • revise any claims to ward off unjustified claims (eg for oral wills) and as quickly to bring in the enjoyment of your rights.

  • calculation of our fee based on a pure contingency fee depending on the amount of your actual inheritance.


Should it be impossible to enforce your claims, there is no obligation for you


  • to honor our activity, or

  • to replace our expenses.